Let me begin by saying that my little collection is not like many of the other fine collections that can be found on-line. You won't find here the stately old long case (grandfather) clocks and pristinely restored rare museum pieces from around the world. Instead, you will see a rather eclectic group of pretty ordinary, mostly American made, clocks - clocks that might have been found at one time in any average American home.

I began my clock collection in 1967 with the Ansonia LaFrance, which I still have. The clock was owned by one of my best friends, and when he discovered that the clock had once belonged to my great great grandfather, or possibly my great great grandfather's son who had the same name, he gave me the clock. It was in pretty bad condition, having a broken spring and many coats of various colors of paint. This was also the first clock that I ever repaired. That was a real "fun trip", having no clock tools, and no previous knowledge of clock repair. 40 years later, it's still running!

Clock collecting can be addictive, or at least habit forming, so I just had to have another old clock. I had quit work to attend college and money was a little tight, but when my friend saw the old LaFrance looking nice and running, he gave be an old Waterebury kitchen clock, which is still in my collection. Like the Ansonia, it was in pretty rough condition.

Well that's how my collecting got started. During the intervening years until 2004, when I "retired" (whatever that is), a few pieces came and went but my collection basically consisted of the LaFrance and the Waterbury Kitchen clock. My mother, God rest her soul, didn't like to hear the clocks, so I had little incentive to expand my collection. I now live alone, and have the time, but not necessarily the money, to indulge my passion.

Most of my clocks come from local estate auctions, and sometimes eBay. I look mostly for "basket cases" and, as the saying goes, whatever gets in the way at the right price. I don't try to create museum pieces, just nice running, decent old clocks. I prefer to collect American weight and spring powered clocks made before 1930. I hope that others will enjoy looking at something a little different and find my clocks interesting. Your comments, and additions or corrections to the information provided are welcome.

Bob Croswell

Small time collector of (mostly) inexpensive clocks

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